Adobe Training Courses UK

Adobe Training Courses

Web Studio Training provide a full public program of regular Adobe training courses throughout the year. We have Adobe Certified Instructors who teach Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, Animate and Illustrator.

Adobe training CC

Adobe's Creative Cloud gives users access to a collection of creative software developed for graphic designers, video editors, web developers, and photographers.

The Creative Cloud platform is a monthly or annual subscription service is delivered directly to your desktop and can be used as long as your subscription remains valid. For more information about Adobe subscriptions click here.

We offer Adobe training courses in the following :

Adobe training Photoshop

Photo Editing Adobe Photoshop

Our Adobe training includes setting project requirements, identifying design elements when preparing images, understanding Adobe Photoshop, manipulating images, evaluating digital images.

Choose from the Photoshop packages below :

Adobe training InDesign

Print & Digital Publishing Adobe InDesign

Our Adobe training includes identifying design elements when preparing page layouts, understanding Adobe InDesign, creating page layouts, archiving, exporting and publishing page layouts.

Choose from the InDesign packages below :

Adobe training Dreamweaver

Web Design Adobe Dreamweaver

Our Adobe training includes planning site design and page layout, understanding the Adobe Dreamweaver interface, adding content, organizing and modifying content.

Choose from the Dreamweaver packages below :

Adobe training Illustrator

Graphic Design & Illustration Adobe Illustrator

Our Adobe training includes identifying design elements used when preparing illustrations, understanding Adobe Illustrator, creating illustrations, applying procedures to archive, exporting and publish illustrations.

Choose from the Illustrator packages below :

Adobe training Illustrator

Photography Adobe Lightroom

Our Adobe training includes managing and organising your photographs, enhancing colours and making dull-looking shots more vibrant, removing distracting objects and correcting distorted shots.

Choose from the Lightroom packages below :

Adobe training Animate CC

Animation Adobe Animate CC

Our Adobe training includes producing animations, advertising banners, and various other HTML5 web page components along with animated video introductions and presentations.

Choose from the Animate CC packages below :

Adobe Training Schedule

DatesCourse TitleVenueDaysPlaces 
28th - 29th January 2020 Introduction to Adobe Photoshop East Midlands, UK 2 0 leftfull
3rd - 4th February 2020 Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro East Midlands, UK 2 4 left book now
5th February 2020 Adobe InDesign Crash Course East Midlands, UK 1 6 left book now
10th - 11th February 2020 Adobe Photoshop Intermediate East Midlands, UK 2 6 left book now
12th - 13th February 2020 Introduction to Adobe Illustrator East Midlands, UK 2 0 leftfull
26th - 28th February 2020 Introduction to Adobe InDesign East Midlands, UK 3 1 left book now