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Building Responsive HTML Emails (2 days)

Course Information

  • Price : £475 + VAT
  • Level : Intermediate
  • Version : N/A
  • Venue : City Centre, Nottingham
  • Duration : 2 days
  • Times : 9:30am - 4:30pm

This two day HTML Email course intended for those who want to build well-designed reliable responsive HTML emails.

A 2 day, Building Responsive HTML Email training course hosted in Nottingham, East Midlands.EventScheduledWeb Studio Training£475510th - 11th April 2017East Midlands, UKNottingham, East Midlands, UK20 leftfinished
A 2 day, Building Responsive HTML Email training course hosted in Nottingham, East Midlands.EventScheduledWeb Studio Training£475510th - 11th July 2017East Midlands, UKNottingham, East Midlands, UK25 leftbook now
A 2 day, Building Responsive HTML Email training course hosted in Nottingham, East Midlands.EventScheduledWeb Studio Training£475627th - 28th November 2017East Midlands, UKNottingham, East Midlands, UK26 leftbook now

This course includes

  • 2 days trainer led in small groups (typical maximum 6)
  • Your own printed course manual
  • Course files to take away
  • Professional environment with high spec computers
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Lunch provided
  • Printed course certificate
  • Post course support via email
  • Access to our FREE workshop days

HTML Email Overview

Email marketing is big business. Many of today’s most successful companies have moved their marketing budgets away from traditional channels and into digital marketing. Email, and in particular, HTML email is an effective way to communicate your message to customers and followers.

Building HTML emails is a specialist skill - very different from developing for the web. When building HTML emails you need to consider the fact that your customers will not always be using a web browser to view emails. Many will be using email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail or smartphone apps.

This two day HTML Email course intended for those who want to build well-designed reliable HTML emails. Delegates will learn the most effective techniques to create great looking HTML emails which work with all major email client software.

Course Outcomes

By the end of this HTML Email course students will understand how to build responsive HTML Emails for marketing including :

  • understanding the challenges when coding for email
  • making considerations when designing for HTML emails
  • understanding how various email readers support HTML & CSS
  • creating workarounds for mail clients like Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook
  • creating various breakpoints for mobile and tablet screen devices
  • testing your code in various email clients and on mobile devices

Course Requirements

This HTML Email course is aimed at designers, developers and marketing staff who want to build responsive HTML emails and improve their coding skills. A basic knowledge of HTML coding is required to attend this course.

This is a reasonably technical course. If you have no prior experience of HTML or CSS development, we recommend attending our Introduction to HTML or Web Design with HTML & CSS training first.

Course Description

Mobile email now surpasses webmail and desktop email client usage by a large margin. This means that any HTML emails that you send to your customers should be suitable for various screen sizes. Building responsive HTML emails requires careful consideration. This two day hands-on training course takes a in-depth look at the technical requirements behind creating HTML email that behave reliably across various email clients.

The training course looks at the various combinations of environments and email clients that are commonly used by your customers. We discuss the potential pitfalls and limitations of some of these email clients. The course looks at building the most compatible emails while still remaining responsive. To do this we use techniques that are quite different from those found in regular day to day web design.

The course places an emphasis on building as much of the HTML email as possible without using images. This helps with accessibility and for clients who do not have images turned on. As such, we will look at using appropriate CSS for inline styling across the design. Where required, images will be responsive so that high quality retina displays and smaller mobile screens receive the correct version of an image.

Once we have built a responsive HTML email design, the course then looks at the testing processes available to check design consistency. This will help ensure that the emails we send to our customers are working as expected.

By the end of this course, you will understand the requirements of building HTML emails designs from scratch for use in systems like Campaign Monitor, MailChimp and Constant Contact.

Course Highlights

The course covers the following areas :

  • Testing HTML Emails
    • Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook problems
    • Manually testing across devices
    • Using 3rd party testing tools
    • Hosting your HTML emails
  • Building HTML Emails
    • Building using tables
    • Effectively nesting tables for email
    • Key HTML attributes within the code
    • HTML attributes to avoid
    • CSS support in email clients
    • Taking CSS inline
    • Deploying CSS media queries
  • Design for HTML Emails
    • A focus on responsive design
    • Considering email clients
    • Understanding HTML email workflow
    • Modern web design vs email design
    • Mobile first vs desktop first design
    • HTML email frameworks

Course Trainer

Bjorn has been involved in the web design for over 10 years and has experience developing web applications in both small and large teams of developers. Having insights into both the design and development worlds, he is able to understand the capabilities of design packages such as Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop.

Over the past few years he has closely followed the evolving standards for web development and has spent countless hours discussing appropriate markup with web designers in the industry. He has also run training courses on web standards and accessibility which stems from his vast experience with CSS web design.

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Course Location

This HTML Email training is run from our rooms at Cumberland House in Nottingham, located in the city's main commercial district. These are serviced by a state-of-the-art tram system allowing easy access to the city centre as well as direct hourly rail services from London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Derby and Leicester.

Please note that all course prices exclude VAT.