Covid-19 UPDATE - although we are still running classroom based training, it is possible to organise online training sessions at very reasonable rates.

If you would like contact us regarding online training, please use the contact us page.

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Remote online training

Remote Training Courses

During this unprecedented period of time with Covid-19, we will be offering a limited number of one to one and bespoke remote training sessions. These are aimed at anyone who is looking to use this time for learning while home-bound.

What is remote training?

It is possible to use Youtube to learn nearly anything. There are also many fantastic resources online for learning. The problem is that not everyone learns in the same way - some people really struggle when they are not able to ask questions.

Remote training allows you to have a live expert explain the software to you, while allowing you to ask any questions you have. It’s basically one to one tuition but without having to leave the house or office.

The online training we are offering is aimed to be an equivalent experience to our popular classroom courses.

We do not pre-record the session and play it back to you. The training will be 100% live time with the trainer.

What will the courses cover?

That can depend on you. We can follow the outline of a standard course, but with slightly modified content, or we can customise the course to your specific needs. For example, if you’re in a marketing role and need Photoshop for creating online ads, we can cover those requirements. However, if you are a photographer wanting to learn Photoshop, we will cover the tools you need to get the best out of your photos.

How much does remote training cost?

The table below shows the current pricing for delegates wishing to attend training during this time. If you wish to attend a training session by yourself, you will be looking at the one to one pricing. If you wish for two or more staff to attend training, you will need to add the cost of each additional delegate. All prices are excluding VAT.

Available online training courses
  One to one tuition Additional delegates Times  
Adobe Photoshop £200 per day £115 per day 9.30am - 4.30pm Contact Us
Adobe InDesign £200 per day £115 per day 9.30am - 4.30pm Contact Us
Adobe Premiere Pro £240 per day £135 per day 9.30am - 4.30pm Contact Us
Adobe Lightroom £175 per day £85 per day 9.30am - 4.30pm Contact Us
Wordpress £215 per day £120 per day 9.30am - 4.30pm Contact Us
HTML or CSS coding £225 per day £115 per day 9.30am - 4.30pm Contact Us
Mailchimp Email Marketing £185 per day £95 per day 9.30am - 4pm Contact Us

What do I get on the course?

Firstly, you get access to an Adobe Certified Instructor for the Adobe sessions that we can offer. You will receive a digital copy of the course notes that you’d get if you attended a classroom based training session.

You will also get access to course files that can be used to complete examples as part of the remote training session. This will include stock images, graphics and in some cases video files.

Furthermore you get continuing email support from the trainer and access to our free workshop sessions (once normal classroom sessions resume).

What do I need to participate in remote training?

Photoshop remote Course

You will need a computer with the software package you wish to be trained on. For remote Adobe training courses, you can subscribe to the Creative Cloud or download a free 7 day trial to use.

You will also need a microphone (preferably a headset) to communicate and a connection to the internet. Ideally, you will also have a webcam, but this is not essential.

For the best experience, it is also recommended that you have a second monitor or a tablet that you can use to watch the trainer’s demonstrations while you work in the software.

We are able to use various pieces of webinar software for the training and can provide you with access to this software during the training (for example Zoom or Webex).