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Full Training Schedule

DatesCourse TitleDaysPricePlaces 
12 Oct 2018Introduction to CSS1£185 + VAT finished
15 Oct 2018Introduction to Adobe InDesign3£395 + VAT finished
19 Oct 2018Getting Started with Google Analytics1£245 + VAT0full
22 Oct 2018Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro2£395 + VAT3book now
24 Oct 2018Adobe InDesign Crash Course1£195 + VAT3book now
25 Oct 2018Adobe Photoshop Intermediate2£285 + VAT6book now
29 Oct 2018Business Starter with WordPress2£325 + VAT3book now
31 Oct 2018Building Responsive HTML Email2£475 + VAT6book now
05 Nov 2018Email Campaigns with MailChimp1£195 + VAT5book now
06 Nov 2018Introduction to Adobe Photoshop2£285 + VAT5book now
08 Nov 2018Introduction to Adobe Photoshop2£285 + VAT0full
19 Nov 2018Google Analytics Intermediate1£245 + VAT3book now
20 Nov 2018Getting Started with Google AdWords1£245 + VAT5book now
20 Nov 2018Post Course Workshop Day1FREE6book now
23 Nov 2018Introduction to Adobe Lightroom1£175 + VAT6book now
27 Nov 2018Introduction to PHP with MySQL4£850 + VAT5book now
03 Dec 2018Introduction to HTML1£185 + VAT6book now
04 Dec 2018Introduction to CSS1£185 + VAT6book now
05 Dec 2018Video Editing with Adobe Premiere Pro2£395 + VAT6book now
10 Dec 2018Introduction to Adobe InDesign3£395 + VAT6book now
13 Dec 2018Introduction to Adobe Photoshop2£285 + VAT6book now
17 Dec 2018Business Starter with WordPress2£325 + VAT6book now
07 Jan 2019Adobe Photoshop Intermediate2£285 + VAT5book now
14 Jan 2019Responsive Web Design with HTML & CSS4£625 + VAT5book now
21 Jan 2019Introduction to Adobe InDesign3£395 + VAT5book now
25 Jan 2019Adobe InDesign Crash Course1£195 + VAT6book now
28 Jan 2019Introduction to Adobe Illustrator2£295 + VAT5book now
31 Jan 2019Building Responsive HTML Email2£475 + VAT6book now
04 Feb 2019Getting Started with Google Analytics1£245 + VAT6book now
18 Feb 2019Google Adwords - Advanced1£245 + VAT6book now

Popular Courses

Responsive Web Design with HTML & CSS

The HTML & CSS Web Design course is very hands on and focus will be on the implementation phase of developing W3C compliant CSS based web sites. Although the course works primarily with CSS v2.1 (this is the widest supported version of CSS) there is also mention and demonstration of the new features that will be supported with CSS3 for those that are looking forward.
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Introduction to Adobe InDesign

The InDesign training course will guide you through the creation of stunning looking print and digital media content using Adobe's industry standard desktop publishing package. The course highlights InDesign's ability to create professional templates and manage large amounts of styled content making your daily workflow more efficient, consistent and effective.
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Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

The Photoshop training course aims to develop your familiarity with the workspace, tools and features that this powerful program offers its users for print or web-based design projects. All the skills needed to equip you with the tools you need for producing professional looking imagery.
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Introduction to PHP with MySQL

This PHP course with MySQL introduces the concepts web server programming and the delivery of dynamic content via the web. Our aim is to provide students with the constructs of the PHP language and a good understanding of connecting to MySQL databases so that they are able to start implementing both simple and more complex web solutions. An emphasis is placed on learning the techniques to create a solid foundation for developing dynamic web sites.
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Integrating jQuery

The jQuery course is a hand's on session that is designed to help designers and developers enhance their existing projects with the help of jQuery. The course looks at how to use jQuery to transform static HTML web pages into dynamic web pages that react to user input, easily build custom animation components and enable more complex event handling. The course covers everything from the initial setup of jQuery for a website, to the implementation and management of 3rd party open source plugins.
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Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver

The Introduction to Dreamweaver course breaks down the package into structured sections so that new comers to web design can access and understand the basic components of HTML & CSS, layout, typography, working with images and utilising the built in libraries to increase your productivity.
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