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Adobe Photoshop Intermediate Level (2 days)

Course Information

  • Price : £285 + VAT
  • Level : Intermediate
  • Version : Photoshop CS6 & CC
  • Venue : Jubilee Campus, Nottingham
  • Duration : 2 days
  • Times : 9:30am - 4:30pm

This course is for anyone who wants enhance their existing Adobe Photoshop skills when working with digital photography and graphic projects. This is a 2 day trainer led course.

A 2 day, Adobe Photoshop Intermediate training course hosted in Nottingham, East Midlands.EventScheduledWeb Studio Training£28505th - 6th September 2019East Midlands, UKNottingham, East Midlands, UK20 leftfinished
A 2 day, Adobe Photoshop Intermediate training course hosted in Nottingham, East Midlands.EventScheduledWeb Studio Training£285610th - 11th February 2020East Midlands, UKNottingham, East Midlands, UK26 leftbook now
A 2 day, Adobe Photoshop Intermediate training course hosted in Nottingham, East Midlands.EventScheduledWeb Studio Training£28561st - 2nd June 2020East Midlands, UKNottingham, East Midlands, UK26 leftbook now

This course includes

  • 2 days trainer led in small groups (typical maximum 6)
  • Your own printed course manual
  • Course files & exercises to take away
  • Professional environment with high spec computers
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Lunch provided
  • Printed course certificate
  • Post course support via email
  • Access to our FREE workshop days

Photoshop Overview

The two dayintermediate Photoshop course aims to enhance your workflow by teaching you skills used by professional graphic artists and photographers. This course follows on from our Photoshop introduction course with a focus on editing images to a very high standardfor use in print and digital design projects.

Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard image editing software. It is the current leading image editing program of choice for photographers, graphic and web designers, though it is widely used by people at any skill level who want to touch-up or manipulate images, and produce a professional output for both print and digital media.

Photoshop is part of theAdobe Creative Suite (CS) and comes as a standalone product in CS4 - CS6 and CC, or as a subscription to the Creative Cloud suite of applications.

If you need information on how to purchase Photoshop or any other Adobe product, please email us.

Course Outcomes

By the end of theintermediate course, students will be more effective using Photoshop in the following areas:

  • Understand which file formats are best for working, delivery & archival
  • Analyse & take advantage of information from the histogram panel
  • Confidently enhance photographs through Camera RAW
  • Make advanced selections of complex items like hair and grass
  • Compose and optimise images using HDR
  • Effectively remove unwanted colour casts
  • Build Photoshop actions and droplets to automate workflow

Course Requirements

To attend thisintermediate courseyou should already have some experience using Adobe Photoshop. You should already be comfortable working with the selection tools and layers.

If you do not already have an introduction level understanding, please look at ourIntroduction to Adobe Photoshop course first. If you are unsure, please contact us to speak to a trainer.

Previous experience using any ofAdobe's Creative Suite softwareis also beneficial but not essential.

Course Description

The intermediate Photoshop course starts with an overview of the image file formats used in industry. Knowing the difference between a PSB, PDF and DNG can often help when supplying artwork to a client.

The course then looks athow Photoshop can be customised to improve your workflow. Often those who are new to Photoshop simply accept the default settings and tools, so we look at how you may want to change these to speed up your work.

Thehistogram panel is extremely important in Photoshop and the course looks at how analysing this information can improve your edits. The Camera RAW filter is also covered in detail so that images can be quickly enhancedbefore making more refined edits in Photoshop.

Using the histogram, we willanalyse unwanted colour casts and learn how they can be removed to provide more accurate colour. The course then looks at making advanced selections using various techniques. For example, making selections of hair or grasscan be done more effectively using colour channels and ranges.

High dynamic range (HDR) images are discussed and how they can be used to bring out detail that camera’s find difficult to capture. We look at both combining multiple exposures and Photoshop’s HDR toningmethods.

We focus onrepairing and retouching photosusing non-destructive editing methods. Combining objects from different images and rebuilding detail, as well as minor makeovers and touch ups.

Finally, the course looks at how we canautomate common tasks in Photoshop. Using the Actions Panel, we can quickly build scripts that apply complex edits at the push of a button, or to entire folders of images.

Course Highlights

The course covers the following areas :

  • Overview of File Formats
    • Common formats in industry
    • File format limitations
    • Capture, working, delivery, archival
    • File format best practise
  • Customising Preferences
    • Custom keyboard shortcuts
    • Creating custom menus
    • Photoshop performance tweaks
    • Customising the toolbar
  • The Histogram
    • Histogram overview
    • Histogram channels
    • The channels panel
    • Analysing image data
  • Camera RAW
    • Camera RAW workflow
    • Camera RAW interface & tools
    • Exposure corrections
    • Black & white conversions
    • Removing chromatic aberration
  • Making Advanced Selections
    • Selection tool overview
    • Saving & loading selections
    • Colour range selections
    • Focus area selections
    • Combining selection tools
    • Selections using channels
  • Removing Colour Casts
    • Histogram analysis
    • Balancing using colour checkers
    • Identifying correction areas
    • Manual colour correction using curves
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
    • Understanding HDR images
    • Creating HDR with multiple exposures
    • Using HDR toning
  • Repairing & retouching
    • Image repair workflow
    • Non-destructive editing
    • Compound adjustment layers
    • Rebuilding image detail
    • Manual vs content aware
    • Using the liquify tool
  • Photoshop Actions
    • Automating Photoshop
    • Actions panel overview
    • Recording custom actions
    • Conditional actions
    • Playing back actions
    • Button mode
    • Applying actions to folders
    • Creating action droplets
  • Course Feedback

    "I learned everything I wanted to and was able to ask questions about some of the things I needed to know. " - Donna @ NCHA
    "The course was excellent and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it. I hope to use the course to produce marketing materials for my business." - Paula
    "Relaxed informal approach, small group for personal attention. Good introduction with lots of practical examples which will make my work more efficient " - Jonathan @ Yellow6

    Course Trainer

    Bjorn is an Adobe Certified Instructorand Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, the industry recognised certification for Adobe products.

    He has been involved in working with andtraining Adobe products for over 15 years. He has a wealth of experience using Photoshop and Lightroom for editing digital media for use in print, web and video campaigns.

    Having insights into both thedesign and development worlds, he is able to understand the capabilities of design packages such as Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop as well as develop with server side platforms such as PHP.

    Course Software

    The trainers of ourAdobe training courses are familiar with most previous versions of Adobe's Creative Suite and therefore will be able to guide your learning no matter which version of the software you have. We try to provide course content that is generic to versions CS3 to CS6, but your trainer will also showcase the features of the latest version. Currently we now demonstrate the functionality of the Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud suite.

    Course Location

    Thisintermediate level Photoshop training course is run from our rooms on Jubilee Campus in Nottingham, which is part of the University of Nottingham's Innovation Park. These are serviced by a state-of-the-art tram system allowing easy access to the city centre as well as direct hourly rail services from London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Derby and Leicester.