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Getting Started with Google Ads (1 day)

This one day trainer-led Google Ads course will help you to manage your pay-per-click marketing campaigns and get quality traffic to your website. This course is aimed at marketers and business staff responsible for Google Ads campaigns.

Course Information

  • Price : £245 + VAT
  • Level : Introduction Level 1
  • Version : Google Adwords
  • Venue : Jubilee Campus, Nottingham
  • Duration : 1 day
  • Times : 9:30am - 4:30pm

This one day trainer-led course will enable you to manage your own account and start getting quality traffic to your website for less money.

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This Google Ads course includes

Google Ads course
  • 1 day trainer led in small groups
  • Your own printed course notes
  • Choice of PC or Mac for training
  • Professional environment with high spec computers
  • Refreshments throughout the day
  • Lunch provided
  • Printed course certificate
  • Post course support via email

Google Ads Overview

Google Ads training

Tempted by the prospect of increasing the traffic to your site, but petrified that Google Ads (AdWords) will cost you a fortune with no return? This one day course will enable you to manage your own account and get quality traffic (and conversions) for less money.

The beauty of Google Ads is that you can turn it on and off as you like, and unlike organic SEO it delivers results instantly. However, good management is key to success or you could risk spending large amounts of money with no results at all.

This Google Ads training course is run with a very small group of businesses and individuals, which enables us to look at your own account and provide professional help to the individual delegates. You will leave with endless practical suggestions for successfully managing your AdWords account.

  • Avoid the common (sometimes expensive) pitfalls of starting out with AdWords
  • Attract quality visitors with less money
  • Increase your PPC conversion rates
  • Manage and monitor your campaigns successfully in-house
  • If you outsource your AdWords campaign, be in a confident position to manage and understand the relationship with the agency

Course Outcomes

By the end of this Google AdWords course you will be able to:

  • Manage your own Google Ads account
  • Choose high performing keywords
  • Set up and structure your campaigns
  • Understand the PPC pricing
  • Write ads that will get visitors clicking
  • Increase PPC conversion with strong landing pages
  • Measure the success of your campaigns, even if it is outsourced

Course Requirements

We recommend you already have your Google Ads account set up before coming on the course. We also recommend you bring your login with you so you can access your account during the session.

We are aware that Google is increasingly using two-step verification to protect access to your account when logging in from an unfamiliar IP address or device. Please find out whose telephone will receive the SMS with the security PIN, forewarn them of your course attendance and bring their telephone number with you.

This course is aimed at businesses that are either new to Google Ads or businesses with Ads accounts that are not returning the expected results.

Course Description

Google course

Google Ads is a fantastic free tool that can offer fantastic opportunities for SMEs. We will do a brief introduction to AdWords and particularly look at where the opportunities are for SMEs.

The course will guide you through the settings on your account, as even at this stage some fall at the first hurdle by not appreciating the cost certain tick boxes could have. We also look at how you set up maximum spends on your account and how to create other automated functionality.

Once your account has the basics correct, we start looking at how you can identify the keywords with the most potential for your business.

An important part of this is calculating the cost of specific industry related keywords in order to make it viable for your business.

The next part of the course ensures that you make the most of your advert content and getting visitors clicking through to your website. Equally important, we look at how to create good strong landing pages that convert clicks into sales/enquiries.

  • Manage your own AdWords account
  • Choose high performing key words
  • Set up and structure your campaigns
  • Understand the PPC pricing
  • Write ads that will get visitors clicking
  • Increase PPC conversion with strong landing pages
  • How to measure the success of your campaigns, even if it is outsourced

Throughout the day the course is very hands on, but particularly in the afternoon delegates will have time to explore and develop their own campaigns with individual support from the trainer.

At the end of the session you will leave with a range of practical ideas for setting up a new campaign or improving the performance of your current AdWords campaign.

Google Ads Course Highlights

The course covers the following areas :

  • Getting set up
    • Avoiding common pitfalls
    • Getting your settings right to save your business money
    • Managing your account in-house
  • Optimising PPC conversions
    • Writing good advert content
    • Creating strong landing pages
  • Running PPC campaigns
    • Creating and structuring campaigns
    • Choosing the right keywords
    • Getting the PPC price right
  • Measuring PPC success
    • Measuring key factors
    • Setting up performance reports
    • Spotting and fixing problems

Google Ads Course Feedback - 4.7 out of 5.0 stars

"The trainer clearly knew what he was talking about and we benefitted from helpful tips and tricks - Very good and knowledgeable" - Hannah @ Distract
"Well organised, good course materials provided. A good basic starter course to Adwords with some useful easy pointers to help campaigns. - Good, covered some good points and a good overall starter to Adwords." - Steven @ Exel Computer Systems
"The fact that you can scrutinise your own Google Ads account to check and understand perfroamnce of one's Ads. - Interesting. Useful. Very knowledgable Trainer. Enjoyable. I can now keep an eye on what my ad man is doing and make more informed interventions." - Ann @ The Bowls Shop
"A knowledgeable, professional trainer, a small group of learners - If we'd gone through everything as planned this course would've been very beneficial for us. The points we have gone through were still learning and we have definitely took out something useful from the course however for the money spent we would expect to go through full agenda." - Monika @ Enesco Ltd
"Good overview for someone who wants the basics explained before delving in and learning while doing - I got just what I wanted to get out if it - I feel I can start using adwords without making any silly beginner mistakes, its worth the money so you can hit the ground running with your first campaign." - Joe

Course Trainer

Gavin Walker - Google

Gavin has been involved in Internet Marketing since 1999. He is a director of Optillion Limited an East Midlands based Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation company dealing with a wide variety of clients from voluntary organisations to SMEs to multinational corporations.

Optillion run Adwords on a daily basis for 20+ clients from many Industry sectors and spend over £30,000/month on their behalf maximising ROI whilst imposing strict budgetary controls.

Course Software

We will be logging into the Google AdWords accounts so please ensure you bring your logins with you.

No programming or design software will be used on this workshop but you may choose to use Microsoft Word for note taking during the session.

Course Location

This Google AdWords course is run from our rooms on Jubilee Campus in Nottingham, which is part of the University of Nottingham's Innovation Park. These are serviced by a state-of-the-art tram system allowing easy access to the city centre as well as direct hourly rail services from London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Derby and Leicester.

Please note that all course prices exclude VAT.

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