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Adobe InDesign ACA Certification (5 days)

Course Information

  • Price : £825 + VAT
  • Level : Introduction to Expert
  • Version : InDesign CS6 & CC
  • Venue : City or Jubilee Campus, Nottingham
  • Duration : 5 days
  • Times : 9:30am - 4:30pm

This five day ACA InDesign training aims to give you the skills and understanding to use InDesign efficiently and prepare you for the Adobe ACA exam.

A 5 day, InDesign ACA Certification training course hosted in Nottingham, East Midlands.EventScheduledWeb Studio Training£82516th - 10th January 2014East Midlands, UKNottingham, East Midlands, UK50 leftfinished
A 5 day, InDesign ACA Certification training course hosted in Nottingham, East Midlands.EventScheduledWeb Studio Training£82514th - 8th September 2017East Midlands, UKNottingham, East Midlands, UK50 leftfinished
A 5 day, InDesign ACA Certification training course hosted in Nottingham, East Midlands.EventScheduledWeb Studio Training£825623rd - 27th October 2017East Midlands, UKNottingham, East Midlands, UK50 leftfinished

This course includes

Adobe Certified Associate Certificate
  • Four days trainer led InDesign training in small groups
  • Plus one day exam preparation training
  • Practise exams to help you prepare
  • The option to sit the Official Adobe Exam immediately
  • Printed course manuals and prep notes
  • Lunch provided
  • Printed course certificate
  • Certificate from Adobe (after passing the exam)
  • Access to our FREE workshop days

InDesign ACA Overview

adobe indesign

Adobe InDesign sets the industry standard in desktop publishing for print and digital page layout. Offering pixel-perfect control over design and typography, designers can create professional page layouts for print or digital media. With so many powerful features, Adobe certified staff tend to be more skilled in their use of InDesign than their non-certified peers.

The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification in InDesign, is aimed at those who plan careers as professional designers, printers, advertisers, or publishers. The Adobe ACA exam is created to challenge you to dig more deeply to demonstrate your knowledge and skill-level with Adobe InDesign.

Our five day Adobe Certified Associate InDesign training aims to give you the skills and understanding to use InDesign in the workplace and give you the confidence to prepare you for the Adobe ACA exam. As a certified testing centre you can take the exam with us, as soon as you feel that you are ready.

All the skills that you need to understand and pass the Adobe Certified Associate exam will be covered during the first four days of detailed InDesign training.

The fifth day will provide you with an opportunity to sit practise InDesign exams and discuss any InDesign questions you may still have with your trainer before finally sitting the ACA exam.

Important: If you feel that you need a little more time to prepare for your exam, you have the option to delay the taking of the exam until a later date.

Course Outcomes

At the end of the training course, students will be comfortable using InDesign to create document layouts and be able to :

  • Set project requirements
  • Identify design elements & prepare page layouts
  • Understand key Adobe InDesign features
  • Create professional page layouts
  • Archive, export and publish page layouts

Course Requirements

To attend the Beginner to InDesign Adobe Certified Associate training you should have experience using either the Windows or the Mac operating systems, be capable of basic file management and know how to use standard menus and commands.

No previous desktop publishing software experience is required, however, a basic knowledge of graphic design, a bit of creative flair and an eye for detail are always helpful. Previous experience using any of Adobe's Creative Suite software is also beneficial.

If you wish to attend our InDesign training, but do not wish to study for the Adobe Certified Associate certification, then we also offer the Introduction to Adobe InDesign as an alternative option.

Course Description

The InDesign ACA training will guide you through the workspace, toolbox and array of panels, which allow you to customise your workspace. The course's hands-on practice lessons will teach you how to define paragraph, character and nested styles for layouts, place and thread text in a document, create master pages, work with a grid, understand basic typography and begin to equip you with the tools you need for precise and consistent publications.

Managing large amounts of content with high levels of formatted text is a common occurrence when producing some InDesign documents, so we will focus on the skills you will need to manage, update and globally edit any part of these large documents. Further practice with working documents that already include styles, text, structure and graphics will broaden your understanding and give you control of the properties, multiple editing tools and open the possibilities available to you in using this powerful software.

We will also work with elements that contribute to an efficient and great looking layout from placing graphics, working with shapes and managing colour swatches to generating tables, creating books, even exporting a PDF and creating interactive documents for use on-line.

Throughout the course, we will look at various aspects of print production; colour management and working with imagery that incorporate widely used file formats such as PSD, AI, EPS, JPEG and more.

We will also pay close attention to InDesign's capabilities with illustrations, vector shapes, bitmap graphics and photographic images, including a very brief introduction to Adobe Photoshop.

Finally we will look at the output functions within InDesign for producing proofs for final press and learn how the pre-flight process allows you to check your entire document for any potential printing problems, as well as learning how the packaging facility ensures each component of the job file is stored together for your final publication.

Course Highlights

The course covers the following areas :

  • The Basics
    • The Workspace
    • The Toolbox
    • The Control Panel
    • Working with Panels
    • Document Navigation
    • Context Menus
  • Overview
    • Working with Adobe Bridge
    • The Preflight Panel
    • Placing and Flowing Text
    • Using Styles
    • Placing Graphics
  • Documents
    • Customising New Documents
    • Master Pages
    • Arranging Pages
    • Building a Basic Spread
  • Frames
    • The Layers Panel
    • Working with Text Frames
    • Working with Graphics Frames
    • Working with Shapes
    • Aligning and Transforming Objects
  • Text
    • Text Placement Options
    • Working with Styles
    • Finding and Changing Text
    • Spell Check Settings
    • Story Editor Settings
  • Typography
    • Working with a Grid
    • Working with Glyphs
    • Leading, Tracking and Kerning
    • Working with Tabs
  • Colour
    • Colour Documents for Print
    • Creating Colour Swatches
    • Creating Gradient Swatches
    • Creating Tint Swatches
    • Importing Colours/Swatches
    • Colour Management
  • Styles
    • Paragraph Styles
    • Character Styles
    • Nested Styles
    • Object Styles
    • Table Styles
    • Managing Styles
    • Importing Styles
  • Graphics
    • Importing Graphics
    • Vector and Bitmap Graphics
    • The Links Panel
    • Graphics from Adobe Photoshop
    • Using Libraries
  • Tables
    • Importing Tables
    • Formatting a Table
    • Graphics within Tables
    • The Cell Styles Panel
  • Transparency
    • Colourising Grayscale Images
    • Opacity Settings
    • The Effects Panel
    • Editing Effects
  • Final Output
    • Preflight
    • Producing Proofs
    • Previewing Options
    • Packaging
  • Non-Standard Outputs
    • Online Documents
    • Interactive Components
    • Exporting to Adobe Flash
    • Exporting to Adobe PDF
    • Converting Print Documents for Web
  • InDesign ACA Exam Prep
    • Exam Specific Objectives
    • Up to Three Practise Exams
    • Sitting the Official Exam

Course Feedback

"I found it a useful tool to go from using one package to this package, the speed and tone of the course was just right. " - Donna @ NCHA
"The course equipped me, a novice, with some very good basic skills to take away and develop. I feel I can now do what I need to do for my job ... " - Karen @ University of Nottingham
"Excellently delivered, Tilky had a thorough knowledge of the software. Good value and having 3 days was great." - Sophie @ Norsaca

Course Trainer

Bjorn is an Adobe Certified Instructor and Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop, the industry recognised certification for Adobe products.

He has been involved in working with and training Adobe products for over 15 years. He has a wealth of experience using Photoshop, InDesign and Lightroom for editing digital media for use in print, web and video campaigns.

Having insights into both the design and development worlds, he is able to understand the capabilities of design packages such as Illustrator, Flash and Photoshop as well as develop with server side platforms such as PHP.

Course Software

The trainers of our Adobe training courses are familiar with most previous versions of Adobe's Creative Suite and therefore will be able to guide your learning no matter which version of the software you have.

We try to provide course content that is generic to versions CS3 to CS6, but your trainer will also showcase the features of the latest version. Currently we now demonstrate the functionality of the Adobe CS6 and Creative Cloud suite.

Course Location

This InDesign course is run from our rooms on Jubilee Campus in Nottingham, which is part of the University of Nottingham's Innovation Park. These are serviced by a state-of-the-art tram system allowing easy access to the city centre as well as direct hourly rail services from London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Derby and Leicester.

Please note that all course prices exclude VAT.

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