Covid-19 Protection for our Delegates

The safety of our course delegates and trainers is of paramount importance at this time. As such we would like to let you know what we’ve done to make training with us safe. The Web Studio Training and the Innovation Park (UNIP) is committed to protecting all visitors from Covid-19.

Our Building – Ingenuity Centre

The Ingenuity Centre has been approved as being fully ‘Covid-Secure’, as part of the site-wide inspection by UNIP. Cleaning staff have all been provided with specialised training on correct procedures and processes to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

In order to ensure that social distancing can be maintained in corridors and stairwells, a one-way system for all buildings has been implemented where possible. When attending training, please follow the signage places on the floors and doors.

UPDTAE (29/07/2020) : Face masks are required by all visitors entering indoor public areas such as the reception area, corridors and toilets. Once inside the training rooms, you are welcome to remove the face mask when seated at your dedicated workstation.


Inside the Training Rooms

Courses have been limited to 4 delegates per session to enforce social distancing restrictions. Within training rooms we have marked out 2 meter squared workspaces which are dedicated to individual delegates. This space is yours for the duration of the training session and is wiped down and sanitised at the start of each day.

UPDTAE (20/07/2020) : To date we’ve run several courses with this training room configuration and it appears to work well for both the learners and trainer with screens visible from a distance.

social distancing training room

We pay special attention to the cleaning of desks, chairs, screens, keyboards, mouse mats and mice. Alcohol-based hand sanitiser is placed near the entrance of the room and is available throughout the course as needed.

The Ingenuity Centre training rooms have natural ventilation that bring in airflow from the external hydro-powered environmental control systems based on-site.

Covid-19 Secure Statement

Covid-19 Secure Statement
The Covid-19 Secure Statement is a way to demonstrate that we comply with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of transmitting Covid-19 in the workplace. Web Studio Training are dedicated to the following :

  1. Carrying out regular COVID-19 risk assessments and sharing the results with the people who work and visit here.
  2. Establishing cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with government guidance.
  3. Taking reasonable steps to work from home when possible rather than travelling.
  4. Making everyone aware of the need to maintain a 2 meter distance in the workplace.