jQuery Sliding Banner Tutorial

As a part of the jQuery training course that we run, students are asked to build a simple jQuery sliding banner. The idea behind this is to familiarise students with the jQuery .animate() method and to give them some additional practise in changing attributes using the .attr() method.

Once a simple sliding banner is created, it is not too difficult to then enhance what they have by turning their code into a jQuery Plugin. This tutorial is designed for those that want to take what was learned from the jQuery training and build a stand-alone sliding banner.

Show the tutorial and source codeDownload the source codeThe main idea behind the code for this banner is to keep things reasonably concise while still having some ability to change the speed and interval of the sliding banner. The banner has no rounded corner options, image based next and previous buttons or links, or text based captions. The point of the banner code is to be small and portable.

The code is explained in detail below, but a zipped up version of the banner code with sample HTML, CSS and images is available from the download link for those that just want to get started using the banner.

Download Source Code | View Demo with Push Off | View Demo with Push On

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