Course Feedback - Introduction to Adobe InDesign

"I was very apprehensive of Indesign, until attending this course. I have the CS3 suite, but I now feel confident to be able to go away and put together documents. Publisher will be put to the back of the closet in favour of Indesign. I am now looking forward to putting my new knowledge in to action." - Karen @ Lavendon Group
"Small class, so everyone gets attention from the trainer and all problems can be sorted on the class. Very good course, very good trainer and a fantastic environment." - Miao
"An enthusiastic, friendly and engaging trainer; good PC equipment; three days of training with the opportunity to consolidate learned knowledge by designing documents from scratch. I was very impressed with the course. I feel much more confident about using InDesign to design newsletters and promotional materials from scratch. I also appreciated the fact that the trainer said we could approach her if we had any problems - very helpful and understanding! " - James @ ICE East Midlands
"Great, I found it a useful tool to go from using one package to this package, the speed and tone of the course was just right. " - Donna @ Nottingham Community Housing Association
"The course equipped me, a novice, with some very good basic skills to take away and develop. The course was excellent even though I struggled as I've never used any design package previously. I feel I can now do what I need to do for my job." - Karen @ University of Nottingham
"Well taught, good class size, good geographic location, excellent computers. I came away with expectations met." - Adrien @ Douglas Gill International Ltd
"I found the course to be very beneficial. As it was a small group we were able to ask and discover answers to specific challenges faced in our everyday work." - Natasha @ Kimal plc
"Excellently delivered, Tilky had a thorough knowledge of the software. Good value and having 3 days was great." - Sophie @ Norsaca

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