Course Feedback - Adobe Flash / Animate CC

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, and was impressed with how much was covered and how much i retained in such a small period of time. I only wish I had gone on the Illustrator and Photoshop courses instead of teaching myself. The trainers knowledge, course delivery and approachability was great. The small number of attendee's made learning easy." - Danial @ Mainline Digital Communications Ltd
"The course was very methodical and easy to follow. Also as its such a small group it enables you to ask more questions, ask questions relevant to your own needs, and I didnt feel rushed to keep up with lots of other people. The class had a nice relaxed atmosphere. It was a very useful introduction to Flash. The trainer explained things really well, and was very approachable for questions. " - Jenny @ Centro
"Very excited to use the tool - the course gave me lots of ideas!" - Laura @ Boots
"The trainer was very knowledgable and well equipped and thus is a great support and is able to assist with any difficulties that you may have. This was a great introduction course for any newcomer to Adobe Flash. The course was pitched at the right level and the delivery was very professional. In addition, all materials/supporting information and equipment provided are excellent. I would definitely recommend the Web Studio training to others." - Elaine
"I found the course very interesting and enjoyed the practical aspects, overall really helped moving forward with Flash." - Dewan @ Telent
"A well run course which has set up me well to use Flash extensively on our VLE for college/government publicity campaigns to students and interactive training/learning resources." - Steve @ Derby College
"The trainer had an excellent knowledge of how Flash works and also the patience of a saint! A great introduction to how Flash works, taught by a perfect trainer in a lovely environment." - Carmen @ Grapevine Marketing
"Excellent course, well delivered and very enjoyable." - Hussian @ Epson Europe
"Fantastic thorough overview of the package, tailored delivery to the needs of the attendees at a suitable speed. Quickly introduced the package and through exercises built confidence. 3 days ideal. Excellent work through 'manual' to take away. Great value too - other courses I've seen are a similar cost for a single day! Exceded expectation and exactly what I was looking for. I'm hoping I get the time to practise and implement the skills as much and as quickly as possible." - Gemma @ Remploy Limited
"I thought the course was fantastic the training was great and the course booklet is a big help now." - Sam @ Advance Legal Solicitors
"The trainer had amazing knowledge of the software and was able to answer any queries straight away. He managed to provide lots of information at a fairly swift pace without losing any detail. This was one of the most useful courses I have been on. I came away feeling I had actually learn't and understood what had been taught. Learning software can be tedious but the course was delivered in an upbeat and interesting manner. I will recommend to collegues." - Lucy @ Centro
"Full range of skills taught, great overview of what can be achieved. I now feel equiped to start to use flash fully and without confusion." - Nathalie @ Centro

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