Course Feedback - Web Design with HTML & CSS

"The trainer was very knowledgeable - he really knew is subject. There was a lot of content and information to deliver but the course managed to cover a wide range of aspects in a short time." - James @ NHS
"The trainer really knew his subject and delivered the training very well. The course only had 4 students on it which was an excellent number and meant we had very close tuition and weren't afraid to ask questions." - Adam @ Napp Pharmaceuticals
"Excellent. I am now experimenting building my websites from hand!" - Lee
"Very pleased with the accessibility tips too, very useful for us as we are a public sector organisation." - Keisha @ FuturesNN
"A very enjoyable, informative and well delivered course. One of the best I have been on. The information learned will be invaluable in my day to day work. Gives a solid introduction to XHTML before progressing onto CSS. The opportunity to ask plenty of questions and get them explained well. Explanation of the box model proved extremely useful." - Jim @ Capita
"The trainer's knowledge was fantastic. He covered every area that we asked questions on. I felt the course materials and concepts were put together extremely well and the fact that Bjorn has such an extensive knowledge on the topic, it made me feel I was learning XHTML and CSS in an ordered and structured manner." - Antony @ Napp Pharmaceuticals
"The course structure is very good how you start right from the beginning. Very good course - liked how the tutor stayed behind on lunch breaks and after 5pm to answer the questions I didn't want to ask in front of other students." - Jennifer @ Dunelm Mill
"Very good, the trainer was excellent. I don't think I would have done so well with out him. And I really really enjoyed it, will recommend Bjorn..." - Mathew
"It's an interesting and enjoyable course well delivered by a friendly and knowledgeable trainer on a perfect learning curve." - Ian @ Citi Group
"The information was very well presented, making it easy to learn. And I feel I have learnt a lot from this course. An excellent course. Useful to people starting with a large variety of skill levels." - Dennis @ Ericsson
"An intense course with a good structure : starting from basics to more advanced stuff. The course is aims to avoid commonly made mistakes by emphasising the right coding structure and right habits. Effective in terms of number of delegates and the ability to ask questions and receiving answers. The most postive part for me is that the course motivated me, and added confidence in some way. I really enjoyed the company during these 4 days, and trainer was very helpful, supportive and answered all the questions we were interested in. This course was everything I expected. Thank you very much!" - Dina
"Very impressive and I would be very interested in similar courses..." - Leon @ SuperFi
"The course has been extremely useful and I feel I have everything I need to begin designing my own websites and to make changes to the content on our company website." - Lucy @ FuturesNN
"Because the group was small I was able to ask questions as soon as I started to get confussed. It's more difficult to do this in larger training situations. This course was really useful and will have a massive impact on the way I do my job. I've gained skills and knowledge that I can use to not only benfit me but the whole company!" - Anna @ FuturesNN

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